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Creating a corporate wellness program and finding the right coaches and trainers can be a pain. That's why we create everything for you in 1 week.

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How Does Fitscovery Corporate Wellness Work ?

We want to help employees discover their fitness lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals. We combine fitness, nutrition, and wellness all together in one easy-to-use program that is the solution to your problem.

Our Purpose

We create corporate wellness programs that instill health and well-being in your employees. Our programs help employees discover their fitness goals and encourage them to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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    Fitness programs with world class coaches and trainers
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    Nutrition workshops and meal prepping ideas
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    Steps to achieve mental wellness and a healthy work-life balance
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What We Do

We help companies set up the best corporate wellness program for their employees. Working with our world-class coaches is easy, quick, and cost-effective.

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    Easy. We set up and take care of the process for you, from beginning to end.
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    Quick. Get your employee wellness program set-up in one week!
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    Cost-effective. Tell us your budget and we create a program for you that fits your goals.
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Our Future Fitness Goals

This year, we look to be the ultimate provider of corporate wellness in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. In the next few years, we look to expand across other countries in South East Asia, including Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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